Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She Never Did Follow the Crowd

"She never did follow the crowd..."

...Which meant that some days she felt kind of alone.
Some days she felt a little, well, odd.
A little different.
Some days she wished she thought, felt, acted, like everyone else.

But on most days she liked being a little different.
She liked not "fitting in".
She liked standing up for what she believed in, even if it meant someone laughed at her.
Most days she was very happy to just be herself.

People ask me all the time how I come up with my She Said quotes. I thought I'd give you a little inside look into some of the stories and how they came to be. :) I'm not gonna lie, they are all mostly based on some experiences (or feelings) that I've had.
I've come to realize that what makes us special and unique as artists is the courage to tell your story.
Here's a little of mine.
Hugs to you all!


Barefoot Studios Ok, LLC said...

This is something I have tried so hard to instill in my daughters. So far they have pretty much done their own thing...but not without lots of drama from others!

This is why I LOVE your art!! (and why we are now BFF) ;-)

Adrienne said...

You say it and create it so well Chrissie.

Helen Pickup said...

That picture is Brill it so suits my daughter, she's 10 and she has just started to wear odd coloured crocs 'cos she says it's cool! I think she wants to start a trend!

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Debilou ~ Mississippi Mama said...

I love that ,, that could be a custom pc of art made just for me,, I never did "fit in" and most of the time I was perfectly happy with it that way! Thanks for sharing.

Josie said...

When I was reading it, I saw a lot of me too…but then I thought it probably others who read it can relate to it. Thanks Chrissie I enjoy stopping often to see what you have created. It’s very colorful and happy. :)

sharon said...

This is outstanding Chrissie! I think it's very hard for children these days not to succumb to peer pressure, and I know growing up, it always felt difficult when you felt you were different. Advocating being different is awesome....and your artwork shows that beautifully!

the undomesticated wife said...

Just wonderful!

Georgia Girl said...

I like what She Said....if others would be like that...