Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mother to Daughter

Be her mother. Not her best friend.

Let her live her own dreams. Don't try to make her live yours.

Keep in mind that she's always watching you: how you care for your family, how you worship, how you handle life.

Display her artwork as carefully as you display your other paintings.

Remember, when she trusts her mother to stand by her in times of crisis, she'll learn to stand up for herself.
Enjoy every moment she wants to be around you.
The clock is ticking.
Excerpts from the book Mother to Daughter, by Melissa Harrison and Harry Harrison


Beth Anderson said...

Good advice and do enjoy every moment she wants to be around you.

Martha Lever said...

Precious precious--and yes, you are right, before you know it they are grown and gone and having their own.

sara said...

What a precious post!

ch said...


Beth said...

love this. my mom always told us that you aren't meant to be your children's friend, but their parent. now, after becoming a mother myself, i get it...