Thursday, July 2, 2009

Roses and Art

I took a class last week to learn more about my camera, the Canon Digital Rebel XTi. I learned a lot in the class. Now of course I want a new macro lens. I'll let you know how that goes.
I got these beautiful roses for my birthday and wanted to test out my new camera skills. Pretty-huh? I also used a cross-processing effect on the photos from I love the romantic effect it has on the pictures.

I'm selling these 4 x 4 prints of my "She Said girls" for $10 with free shipping now through Monday. I'm too lazy to list them all in my etsy shop right now, so leave me a comment if you want one and I'll put it in my etsy shop for you. They also have a satin black ribbon on the back of them if you want to hang them.

"She needed color to survive"
"She Wore her Heart on her Sleeve"

"She Had begun to Live her Authentic Life"

"I have big dreams," she said.
"I don't waste my time on the little ones."

"She didn't like to wait for things, so
she always had dessert first."

"Courage isn't that hard, " she said.
"You just take one step at a time".

"She Danced until the Sun Came Up"
Have a blessed Friday!:)


Jill said...

Oh so pretty, pretty! I would love the "I have BIG dreams one"...cause I do!!!

Little Dickens Designs said...

Great pictures and great artwork!

B.jane said...

Very inspiring!
Bjane over at