Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tutorial-Fabric wrist cuffs (or coffee wraps)

I made a tutorial for you, but you have to promise not to laugh at my teeny, veiny hands with teeny chewed off nails. It's my worst habit ever. But anyhoo~if you can get over that, let's move on... These fabric cuffs can be made to wear, or to use as a coffee wrap. You creative chickies could probably come up with a lot more uses!

Step One: Cut your background fabric. My wrists are very small, so my measurements were 3" x 7". I would assume most women would need it to be around 9"? Cut a piece of batting slightly smaller.
Step Two: Cut a bunch of fabrics into 1" x 3" pieces. I used random colors to make mine funky looking, but a matching set would be beautiful.Step Three: Lay two pieces of fabric back to back and sew them together.

Step Four: Press them open with your iron and continue piecing together until you've got all your strips sewn together.

Step Five: Make a fabric sandwich: Background fabric, batting, and your strips. Pin it to keep it together.

Step Six: I used a swirly decorative stitch and sewed three lines vertically.

Step Seven: Trim all the sides if anything looks uneven, and then sew a straight stitch all the way around.

Step Eight: Use adhesive velcro to connect the two sides. If you feel like being fancy, use a button and ribbon to close off.
This project could be jazzed up in so many ways. If you make one, please send me a picture. I would love to see how your creative minds interpret it!:)


the undomesticated wife said...

Ooo! I took a class at an art retreat once and the teacher made something similar. My sewing machine is basic, so no cool swirly stitching, but I'm going to make one anyway! :D

A few years ago I made a few cuffs out of leather swatches I had.

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