Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Does anyone else have a 3 year old who gave themselves a haircut?

Who am I kidding? I know I'm not the only one. And it could have been worse.A lot worse.
So we went to Great Clips with our $6.99 coupon and had them take over 7 inches off to make it look better.
And then we went to the park to take pictures of my big girl.

Why is it that haircuts always make your babies look older?
sniff, sniff...
She insisted on her moo-cow rain boots.

Who am I to argue with such a simple request?

I don't know what I would do without this little girl.

She certainly keeps me on my toes.
Make sure you come visit me on Friday. I have a couple of really cool things to share.


Ruth Ann said...

Very cute hair cut...and cute boots! My son has the same pair and absolutely loves them! Have a great night!
-Ruth Ann

A Little Of A Lot said...

Super cute.
What's with little girls and rain boots ? Reagan had a little sundress on the other day and completed the outfit w/ ladybug boots, LOL

sara said...

CUTE!!!! When my oldest was 4 he cut his hair too. Right in front--a big jagged cut- at least with boys you can shave!!

I did not get the book package yet- I'll let you know.

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

She's beautiful! And those boots are fabulous!

Neither one of my boys have cut their own hair yet, but I certainly did when I was a kid. I think I was 4 or 5. Must be a girl thing?

Have a blessed day!

Beth Anderson said...

My kids did not cut their hair but when I was little I cut my little sister's hair - boy was my Mom mad!

Jill said...

yep! ALL of mine have tried their sweet hands at haircutting! my favorite was my son...walked in with his hand on his head and said, "my hair fell off!" um, yes dear that's what happens when you CUT it!!!
She looks adorable though! LOVE the boots!

Kristi said...

My 3 year old did the exact some thing. Must be around that age that we think they are okay with scissors for a few moments alone. Wrong!
We had to cut off 6 inches. They do look so much more grown up after a hair cut.
You have a beautiful little one! And her hair looks great!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the pictures of my little angel Ava! Love her boots. Remember your jelly shoes? Give her a Hug and Kiss. Love, Mimi

lori vliegen said...

it sounds like she's just as fearless as her mom!! many years ago, my daughter "surprised" me one day with a new self-done haircut....ahhh, good times! :))

Ruth said...

She looks adorable. I don't think there's a kid out there who doesn't try to cut their own hair at least once.

Unknown said...

yes!! my 3 year old just did this 2 weeks ago - to her hair that had never been cut! I cried and cried. but it's chin length now - not awful, just hard to do because i can't just throw it up in a ponytail now, and I'm no hair master. I only cried a couple of hours ;)

Farmgirl Paints said...

She is sooo cute. Love her haircut and her boots!

Martha Lever said...

oh my goodness---what a precious cutie!

Patty said...

My daughter cut her hair when she was 3 and also cut all of her doll's hair. She was supposed to be napping but when I saw hair all over the place I didn't know what to say. I just stood there looking at her and she innocently said her brother did it. Good thing for him he was in school at the time or I probably would have blamed the innocent little guy!

Paul and Cheri said...

OMGosh Chrissie! thank you for posting this. It brought back some of the most precious memories I have. Ava is precious!

Sarahlynn said...

Totally cute!

My two year old spent the day in her froggy rain boots today. :)

She's never cut her own hair, but I will always remember the day she had her first "real" haircut (more than just a bang trim). She went from being a baby to being a little girl all at once!

More recently, my 5-1/2-year-old has started looking really really big. I can barely carry her anymore! I don't know if I can take it.

Michele P. said...

haha, I know the feeling. My now 8 yr old did this when she was about 3 but it wasn't a hair cut, it was getting into the hair remover cream and getting it all over her hands. She then proceeded to rub it through her hair causing random bald spots and was starting on the cat before we caught her in time!

Georgia Girl said...

Oh yeah mine oldest did it and so did her child...It was so terrible when I was in my early twenties and my daughter took all of her long hair off one side....then when hers did it Tabitha cried because Hailey had lkong hair just like she did and then she knew why I was so upset about her cutting her hair. Hailey even was to the point of not going to school but Tabitha finally convinced her all her friends would love it. Now if you ask Hailey if she is going to cut it anymore the word is "are you crazy"! I need to find the pics of both of them when this happened and share.

Love her boots...Lexi has some with wild flowers all over hers...she got hers at Target.

Oh and the quilt business is going a little slow with me..I did get all my supplies and started on the squares but have been so busy but hope to continue even though I may be a few weeks off from you. I am going to follow through and share the final results before the end of the year! lol