Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quilting Week One:Supplies You'll Need

I've decided to rename our quilt: Contemporary Heart Quilt :)
It will take us 6 weeks to make this quilt. However, if you fall behind it's no big deal. You can always come back on-line and keep going at your own pace.

Week One: Supplies You'll Need
Week Two: Cutting the Fabrics
Week Three: Sewing your Hearts
Week Four: Assemble the Quilt Top
Week Five: Quilt backing, batting, and quilt top
Week Six: Binding your Quilt

This week we are gathering the supplies we'll need to make the quilt. Let's start with the basics:
You will need a rotary cutter, mat, and straight edge. I have the Olfa brand and I am very happy with them. I would purchase extra blades too. When you are cutting your material it should cut like butter. When the blade gets dull you'll need to replace them.

Straight pins. I usually keep one set by my sewing machine and one by the iron.

A pair of fabric scissors that you use just for fabric, and a seam ripper.

Thread. I like to use Mettler, but I believe they are only sold at Quilting specialty shops. Jo-Ann's and Michaels don't carry them. Make sure you buy "quilting thread".

A sewing machine.
(unless you are planning on sewing the whole thing by hand...;)
You don't need a machine with all the bells and whistles. Any old machine will do.

An iron and ironing board. (I just bought that little mini-board at Jo-Ann's on sale for $6.99)
I really want a Rowenta iron made for sewing and quilting. At $110-$130 it is not in my budget right now. But I hear it's a "must-have" for serious quilters. Anyway, any old iron will do.

Materials Needed:
  • 3 yards of muslin
  • 2 yards of interfacing
  • 80 six" squares in assorted prints (from varying fabrics or clothing items)
  • 2 yards of fabric for border
  • 4 yards of fabric for backing
  • twin size batting

Next Wednesday we will begin cutting the fabric. I'll provide you with a heart template and all the step by step directions to cut out the muslin squares and hearts and prepare them to be sewn.

If you have any questions at all leave a comment and I'll answer them in the comments as well. I know a few of you have decided to make this quilt along with me and I'm so excited!


Quiltpiecer said...

Awesome ... Already have all the supplies and I'm ready to go! Can't wait until the next step! Love you blog!

Georgia Girl said...

Ok is this for a newbie who has never sewn or quilted before? I bought a sewing machine last fall and have not used it yet...I so want to learn how to do this and always wanted to make a quilt. Please advise if this is good for a first timer....

Unknown said...

This quilt is great for first timers, or a fun one to make if you are an experienced quilter.
Take the challenge Rambling Girl:)
It's gonna be fun!!

Georgia Girl said...

I am going to do this so I might be asking many questions.....

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

I love this. I was with my aunts last week who all did a quilting challenge with each other. I'll be posting about it soon. I am a wanna be. :)

Crystal said...

i'm doing a quilt a long on my blog too! :) how super fun!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh I wish I could join in. I would love to someday make a quilt. I collect them.

My husband's job is not good right now so I'll have to wait a bit. Hopefully you'll do something like this again.

Thanks for the sweet words on my blog. They really mean alot:)

Caron at Michigan Quilts said...

Sounds like fun! Do you have a picture of the finished quilt, or will it be a surprise?

Unknown said...

Hi Caron
There is picture here in this
previous post:

Ruth said...

Copying down this supply list to get to the store before the cutting begins. I already have a lot of the tools but I need to get my fabric.

Thanks for doing this. I am so excited.


Georgia Girl said...

see already have a question...

for the 80 six much material is that? I am thinking of doing a fall quilt so I found three different fabrics I want to use for the squares...should I pick more than three or is that ok.

does walmart carry these supplies because this is the only store in my town that has any sewing products?

Quiltpiecer said...

To Rambling Girl, glad you decided to join in ... and I hope Chrissie doesn't mind my answers to your questions ... 80 6-inch squares is about 2 yards of fabric (you can get 44 squares per yard); or 22 squares per 1/2 yard. I've been quilting for 10 years and I still remember my 1st time quilting ... once you do your 1st quilt, you never look back! It's SO MUCH FUN and addicting! BTW, yes, Wal-Mart has all the supplies you need!

Georgia Girl said...

ok new question....for the I need fusible or non?

Unknown said...

You will need fusible interfacing.Interfacing is essentially an extra layer of fabric that provides shape and support in detail areas. It will be ironed under your heart material to give it more support when cutting the material and also it gives a crisper look after fusing.
I would use a medium weight interfacing and they do sell it at Wal-Mart.:)

Georgia Girl said...

Thanks! I went and picked up all my supplies and now I am ready...I have to cut the 6" squares.

Kelly Warren said...

Okay, Chrissie, so I am REALLY late to this! question about the muslin....will the muslin show in the finished quilt? i have several yards of khaki muslin left over from some tables covers I made. Kelly