Thursday, August 27, 2009

Return with Honor (with a tutorial)

I made this today.
I had one million and twenty-three other things to do.
But I decided this had to be made.
(Does anyone else veer off their mandatory to-do lists for impulse crafting?)

Anyhoo, I saw one in the local Christian book store like, way over a year ago. It wasn't my style but I loved the idea. You hang it on the back of your front door.It's a subtle (or not so subtle reminder) every time you leave the house to remember your values.
I mostly wanted to make it for the kids, but it's really for everyone.
Because there are some days (ok, a lot of days) that I need the reminder!:)
If you want to make one I made you a quick tutorial.

I found the frame at the dollar store and the little picture is a wallet card that I've had forever.
I hope y'all have a great weekend.


Terri said...

Just beautiful. You are so creative.

I wanted to let you know that I recieved my prints today and I am so in love with them. I showed them oof to all the neigbors to.

I cant wait to take them down to get them framed for Sophie's room. I will be back for more.

Thanks for sharing your creativity


lori vliegen said...

it's just fantastic, chrissie!! and yes, i get distracted all the time (probably why my studio is such a mess most days....i have too many projects going at the same time!)! but, when you're inspired to complete a project like this, you've just gotta stop what you're doing and start creating! thanks for the great tutorial! :)

sara said...

I love this idea!

And YES- I always skip the to do list in favor of something creative!!!

Teresa aka Tess said...

Hi, I found you through Elvie Studio. I must say this is quite inspirational. Love the idea and it looks great on your door. your tutorial was simple and easy. Loved it. (P.S. I heart powertools too.)