Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big Sale-Day 3

Day 3 of the Big Sale. Thanks to those of you who are helping me reduce my inventory. You know what that means right? New things to make!!!:)
(Don't forget, all sale items include free shipping!)

#1. Mosaic Mermaid
Measuring 24" high, this mermaid is made of tiles and real shells. Her face is hand-painted. The piece is sealed and ready to hang.

#2. Set of four Christmas cards

There are four handmade Christmas cards here, using scrapbook paper, stamping, and buttons. They all come in seperate sealed packages for protection.
$5 (for all four of them)

#3. Mixed-Media painting
"Have a Fabulous Life"
This piece is painted on a piece of wood measuring 18 x 24".
It has various elements of mixed media, including the flower that has been cut out of wood seperately and is three dimensional.

#4 Love God
This painting is made on wood and measures 8 x 8".
#5. Daddy's Little Girl
This painting is made on wood and measures 12 x 12". It is embellished with hearts made from scrapbooking paper, and is sealed with a shiny varnish.
#6. Mosaic Tiles
(Sorry about the poor photo quality)
This mosaic is made using all handmade tiles. I cut the clay, glazed them, fired them, and broke them all up for this inspirational mosaic. It measure 8 x 12" and is grouted with black grout.
#7. Some Goals...
This mixed-media painting is made on a piece of wood measuring 8 x 8", and includes a small paper posie in the corner.

#8. Red Wine or White Wine

Tell me which one you want. Measures 12" high. Wine glasses are cut out of wood and are three dimensional.


I'll be back with Week 7 Let's Make a Quilt and some cute birthday presents I made this week.
Till then...:)

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