Friday, September 11, 2009

God is Great

Our kids take turns saying grace before we eat our meals. I thought it would be cute to make a painting of one of our favorite blessings. It's painted on a piece of wood. I hung it in the kitchen by our eating area.
Turquoise and red is becoming a theme in my house.

I made some 4 x 4 prints and put them in frames. If you want one, I have some in my etsy shop. There's black frames...
or white...

Does your family have any blessings that you use regularly? One of my other favorites is this little song: Oh the Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord, for giving me, the things I need...the sun and the rain and the apple seed, Oh the Lord is good to me!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!:)

xo, Chrissie


Jennwith4 said...

Very cute!

Michelle said...

Adorable! We used to say that same prayer growing up :)

Enjoy a great weekend!
~Michelle :)
(Treasure the Moment)

Beth said...

i love this! i've actually been working on incorporating color in my kitchen (we live in an apartment) and my colors are red and light blue! I might have to check out your etsy shop :)

lori vliegen said...

this is so cute, chrissie....we said this at every meal when our kids were growing up....and we still say it now that the kids are out on their own! :))

Brittany said...

i love this!! i love red/turquiose together, my laundry room is done in those colors!