Thursday, November 5, 2009

Flashback Friday

I haven't done a Flashback Friday in a loooooooong time, so I thought I would share these pictures with you.

One night, during my senior year of high school, I came home early from being out with my friends and wanted to paint. I went out into the garage and grabbed a ladder and started painting on one of my bedroom walls. The next morning my parents came into my room and said, "Oh cool, you're painting your wall. I like it!"
At the time it didn't seem like such a big deal, but looking back now, they gave me a lot of artistic freedom. There is a lot of underlying support in that kind of attitude. I have never been afraid to try new things in my art, and I think a lot of that has to do with times like that. it is, circa 1992-1993?This is the only close-up I have. I must have worked on it off and on for a few months, but when I graduated and went away to college, my parents sold this house. They took these pictures before they moved out. I guess you could say I was really into quotes and color!:) I didn't finish it either. I wonder what the people who bought it thought! LOL It probably took a couple coats of KILZ to cover that mural up!
It's hard to believe that was 17 years ago!
Looking at it tonite, I pray that I will be able to always support my children's dreams and adventures in a special way.
Thanks for looking back with me.:)
Have a happy weekend.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! You should see my daughter's bedroom wall! The entire wall is covered with her doodlings. I LOVE it! Told her to feel free. It's such a reflection of HER.

A Little Of A Lot said...

That is awesome. My older daughter had a wall in our last house covered in her art work, it took a lot to cover it when we moved, now she has a wall here that has some of her work on but sadly some of her friends have come in and what they have put on it is not so nice (A guy w/ a dripping nose... Ack ) It's going to get painted over before we have guests for T'Giving, LOL

Heidi said...

My sister was allowed to put stickers on her door but that's as far as my parents went. I never did do the stickers because they always ended up curling and then being pulled half off. Not a good look! :)

Ruth said...

Wow~that is a lot of freedom. My parents definitely would not have allowed that. I would love to have a wall of my son's artwork. He likes to stick to paper. It's great to look back at things you've created in the past~trying to remember their meanings and why they were important to you.


Beedeebabee said...

Hi Chrissie! I was just visiting sweet Lori's blog, and I saw the beautiful "sneaky peeky" of one of her projects for your book. How very exciting! I'm sure it will do well, with artists such as Lori and yourself in it!...I really liked your bedroom wall artwork! Such wise quotes to use at just seventeen! So nice to meet you, and wishing you much success with your new book! ;) Paulette

Anonymous said...

Memories...good memories! Dad and I always loved the wall! It was your personal journal. Thank you I needed to see that. It is and was beautiful! love mom (X) (O)

Karin Schueller said...

Thanks for this!!! I needed the reminder that I want my kids to have that kind of freedom. When you have freedom with creativity, you don't need it so much in other areas. ;) What an awesome thing!!!

Unknown said...

That's so nice that they let you do that. My parents would have had a total meltdown!

Unknown said...

I never realized - but I did similar things as a teen, and my mother (who I thought would freak) joined in with me. IT's a very beautiful thing to have parents support your artistic endeavors! I love your art!!

Bold In The Soul said...

that is hilarious!! i was just thinking about your wall a few weeks ago!! how funny is that!! i am so glad you have some pictures of it! man does that take me back and 17 years ago to boot!!! yikes!! you are amazing and i love yoU!!

Bold In The Soul said...

ok so i have to confess i started to create a blog a few weeks ago and have done nothig with it yet....but this is logged in under the blog info.....can you guess who it is?????

Anonymous said...

I loved that wall. What a great memory. 17!!
your bff-