Sunday, November 1, 2009

Make Some Art Monday (Week 2)

Welcome to week 2 of Make Some Art Monday. I hope you took a little time this week to make some art. Whether you followed the prompt (inspiration) I gave you, or did your own thing, I hope you will show us all! Here is what I made:

As you remember, these are the pictures I posted for inspiration. I found them at a Starbucks in the Charlotte airport.
I was inspired by the color palette of blues, aquas and turquoise, and the use of the gold. I used some gold in the girl's hair. You can see I was also inspired by the bird.

I had no plan going into this project. I drew it a few nights ago, and after gluing the scrapbook paper pieces down on the dress, I immediately wrote these words down.
My favorite part of the piece are her legs. I used old dress patterns.
Since I was painting on wood, I played a lot with some textures too. I don't know if you can tell from the first picture, but it's pretty tall. Almost 2 feet high!

Okay, now if you are linking up, please remember these rules:
1. Link to your Make Some Art blog post, not just your blog.
2. Please mention and link back to my post, so we can get traffic flowing both ways!:)
3. Please try to leave some comments for the others participating.Thanks ladies!

Next weeks assignment: If you like having a prompt, here's one for you. Who is your favorite artist? They could be living or deceased. Pick a piece that really inspires you. Show us the piece by your favorite artist, and then show us the piece you created. Or as always, just show us something you made!!
Ok, now link up. I can't wait to see what you made this week!!


Ruth Ann said...

Such an awesome painting! I just love your style! I had an idea in mind for the "Make Some Art Monday" but I was really sick this past week and was unable to make it. I do however have a piece I'm almost finished with. Maybe I'll post it tomorrow if I ever finish it!

Rhonda said...

I don't have anything to link but I do want to compliment your art - your girl is beautiful and I love the saying down her dress.

so true and so encouraging.

Kim's Treasures said...

Love her! Love the colors!

Michelle said...

I wish I did something artistic this week to share.

Your Make some art monday's might just be the inspiration I need.

I love her by the way!

Catherine Anne said...

Love this

Adrienne said...

the quote on her dress is such a great reminder to all of us girls! love her legs :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your girl! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU! You are my inspiration! love,Mom

noodle and lou said...

so sweet chrissie! her stockings are awesome:) xoxo

Mary Wadsworth said...

Such a perfect quote, and great painting:)

Ruth said...

I can't believe that I forgot about this. I am definitely work on something for next week.


the undomesticated wife said...

Crap, I totally missed this! :( Where did last week go??

I love seeing everyone else's creations though!