Monday, November 9, 2009

Make Some Art Monday (Week 3)

Happy Monday! Did you make any art this week?
Last week we talked about being inspired by your favorite artist. I have to tell, I am kind of cheating this week. I didn't finish the project I started, so I am showing you something from my archives. This is a mosaic I made for one of my books, and it is inspired by Frida.I have a lot of favorite artists, but Frida is definitely one of my top 5 of all time.
I made this piece using all handmade ceramic pieces. I rolled out clay, cut all the pieces out, fired them in my kiln, glazed them and fired them again, and then made a mosaic out of them all.
Were you inspired by any artists this week? Will you show us what you made?
Remember, show us something even if it doesn't pertain to the "theme". Did you paint something? Knit something? Quilt something? Doodle or draw...? We want to see it!
Don't forget...
1. Please link back to your original post, not your whole blog
2. Please link back to my blog post so people can come back here and look at other people's art too!
3. Try to visit each other and leave some comments!:)
And for next week?
I know y'all have seen these going around:
I think it originated here
She made a really cool one
and my new friend Beth jumped on the bandwagon.
Make some goals! They don't all have to be serious or time-consuming. Look at the ones listed above for some inspiration.
I told my Mom about the theme this week and she said, "But I'm turning 61 this year!" he he
I told her maybe to just start with 10:)
Okay, link up! I'm excited...:)


Beth said...

thanks for the 'shout'. i know i've created lots of stuff...hmmm, what should i link up? i'll pick something. :)

luci said...

Hi Chrissie - I hope I have linked to my make some art monday for this week - as my starting contribution! I am a little behind as I just found your blog at the weekend ( which is fab by the way!) Thanks for inspiring me to tap into my creativity and to do this as part of my blogposts x

Nobody Puts Mama In A Corner! said...

Chrissie,,,,I have an idea,,,,,go to
and post your project from today on her McKlinky!! You will get traffic to your McKlinky! It is an art/craft blog too!
Mama Holli

Katherine said...

I am grateful for talented bloggers like yourself and Amy who inspire others.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support! Love Mom