Thursday, April 22, 2010

Favorites Party

Happy Friday!
It's time for a little sharing...I can't wait to hear about some of your favorite stuff. I'm especially hoping some of y'all will share some of your favorite books, because I am in desperate want of a good read right now.
Well, here's my current faves right now:

This artist:
I love it all. Her etsy shop rocks.
My Favorite Lunch:
I lay all this out on the counter every afternoon and have some sort of combination of it all.
100 % whole wheat pita, hummus, taboule salad, chickpea salad, pesto, and kalamta olives. My very favorite...the crumbled goat cheese. I could put it on top of anything! It's how I eat a lot of the veggies that I don't love.

My favorite workout- Zumba:
I'm not a treadmill type of person...I get bored too easily. But dancing, for an hour? It gets your heartrate up and it really is so much fun.

My favorite new show...real life stuff and it's funny.
My Favorite Sweets:
The Immaculate Baking Company: Cookies with a Cause
I started buying these in an attempt to make our sweet treats a little more concious. Little did I know that this natural cookie company is also a huge supporter of American Folk Art. I will never buy another cookie again. (well, that is probably not true...but I do love these!;)

Did I mention I was doing a giveaway today? After you link up below leave me a comment to enter. This is a wooden plaque I made with the word "hope". I'll pick a winner on Sunday night.

Ok, now share!!! (Please don't forget to link to your "favorites" post, not your normal blog link. Thanks!


sara said...

Love the "HOPE"! How cute!

I will try and get a post together. Love your list!

BahamaDawn said...

I am new to blogging, so i gotta go figure out how to do a "link to post"

BahamaDawn said...

i THINK i figured it out!

Patty said...

Your plaque is darling. Some of my favorites are reading, but I haven't had time lately so I don't have any recommendations. I love salads with all kinds of veggies in it. I love spring when all the trees & flowers are getting blooms on. I love to quilt, especially baby quilts, so I can give them away to new mothers. I love to walk. I'm afraid if I tried dancing for an hour, I'd be in a heap on the floor after about 15 minutes.

{cindy} said...

Love all of your faves! Still working on mine, but my little sweetie's naps are not cooperating today!!:)
Gotta find those cookies and the dancing sounds awesome!! My treadmill is boring me a bit too!!!:0
Enjoy the day!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

i love parenthood, too. definitely my favorite thing to watch on tv right now. that, and modern family.

your favorites are so fun! i need to check out those cookies.

{cindy} said...

Ok...messed up the Linky thing the first time...sorry about that!!:)
Enjoy the night!

Appleshoe said...

This was a lot of fun (sorry my blog is so late joining in on the fun). I've thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's Favorites and I will have to try those cookies. Are they gluten free by any chance?

Bethany Hammar said...


here are a few of my favorite things.

Wendy said...

Love that Etsy shop! So whimsical!

Goat cheese is fabulous. And Greek olives... and the hummus...mmmmm....

If you love Zumba, I'm sure you'd enjoy the Wii game Just Dance. I could do that every night and have a blast.

The Hope plaque is great. Fingers crossed.

I'll try to get a post together for this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing us your favorites Chrissy. Parenthood is one of our favorites too~ I couldnt find the links to see everyone elses favorites. And, I'm so sorry- I ended up not posting because I seriously baaaaad day at the office.
Maybe next time will catch me in a better frame of mind. It's hard to be creative when your fuming through tears.

Crystal said...

what a fun bunch of favorites. :) thanks for always stopping by. :)

Jennifer Hancock said...

I know I'm a little late (Monday Morn at 12:37am) but I just wanted to say Hi!! I enjoy your posts and keep up the good work!

living with intent said...

Chrissy i missed the Hope give away... my little abigails middle name is Hope and i loved that.. darn it.. i guess next time...

Nishant said...

Love all of your faves!
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