Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sharing Stitches: Featured Artist: Kristen Feighery

Kristen Feighery is the Featured Artist this week from Sharing Stitches.
I love Krissy's use of bold colors and her work speaks volume of contrast. When I first saw her work I was thrilled at her interpretations of biblical stories.
She is not a sewer by trade, but rather uses material and fabrics as a way to incorporate mixed media elements into her paintings. Her work is fun and whimsical and at the same time very meaningful.

What inspires you Krissy?

I'm inspired by the happiness and sadness of people around me. By beauty, antiques, and children. And ultimately by God and the amazing things I see Him do every day.

Tell us about your art. What kind of style do you consider it and what are your favorite mediums to work with?

My style of art is called Modern Folk Art. It's generally raw and primitive and happily organic! I love to work in mixed media and get my hands as dirty as possible!

How do you define "artistic success?"

Being able to create something every day, whether it be a $500.00 painting or a plastic bead bracelet with my daughter. If it triggers feelings and makes a memory, there is artistic success!

Is there a part of the day you enjoy creating most? Tell us how a typical creative day might go for you.

Being the mother of two young children, my usual time to create is at night after storytime. But, my favorite, most celebrated creative time is in the morning. There is nothing better than getting the girls off to school, making a very large cup of coffee, assessing which supplies I need and going at it. I never quite know what I'll do or how it will turn out. But as long as I have Brandi Carlisle on the ipod, coffee in hand, and a million art supplies laid out in front of me, I'm one happy artist!

Did you enjoy art as a child? When did you learn how to sew?

Loved it! I received new art supplies every holiday and used them up in no time. My mother used to make our clothes when we were kids and I thought they were the greatest. I think I learned to at least sew buttons when I was 8.

You can see more of her artwork here:


Teresa aka Tess said...

Wonderful colors. Thanks for the introduction.

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

wonderful feature. her pieces and her philosophy are really refreshing!

Mechelle said...

The paintings are so cute!

The Whimsy Cottage said...

Small world! Kristen Feighery's store Sanctuary is in my town & it's my favorite place!! I can't wait to take an art class there!!

-- Sara --

Anonymous said...

That first picture is awesome!! Great job.