Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Raise your hand if you love vintage fabric

I started collecting vintage pillowcases and sheets at the beginning of the summer.  Now I have a inexpensive compulsion.  I have found all of mine at various thrift stores.  I have yet to pay over 99 cents for a pillowcase and 1.99 for a sheet.
I've been wanting to make some new items for my etsy shop, and I started with this one.  After I made it though, I decided I wanted one too.  So I made two. :)  It's quilted with a little hand embroidery and a hand-sewn binding.

I made the table runner for my etsy shop too, and I of course wanted one!  I actually made three of these because they were so fun and easy to make.  I machine bound these.

Aren't the fabrics delicious?  Vintage bedding is so soft.
I still want to make some pillows and bunting and a quilt.  I'm actually thinking of making some quilt kits using 6 inch squares and putting those in my shop too.  Any opinions?  I'm hoping for an etsy update some time next week.

Reasons why I love vintage fabric:
1.  It reminds me of napping at my grandparents house.
2.  The colors are so lovely.
3.  It's so fun to find new ones!
4.  They are inexpensive.
5.  It's green...recycling fabric is awesome!

What about you?  Do you love the vintage stuff, or is it too "old-lady" for you? ;)


Adrienne said...

i love vintage too and your runners are adorable. vintage triggers memories of my childhood too. my grand-ma line dried hers also,

feather said...

i started collecting vintage sheets about two summers ago. at this point, i have so many, and haven't used much. i want to make a quilt from them eventually, and even simply quilt a few of the more lovlier flat sheets. your ten commandments project turned out great!

Tasha Horsley said...

i love vintage fabrics! i used to collect them a few years ago....i had done quilt kits in my old etsy shop and some of the squares were vintage sheets/pillowcases. i have just been pulling out my collections these past few days and working on a little project. so fun!

i love your table runner and your 10 commandments hanging. great idea!

Diana said...

Love it!!! I just purchased my first two vintage pillowcases....who knew that I could wax poetic over pillowcases on a whole blog post??? :) I love the old ones with the hand embroidered edges....

Jan said...

what a nice idea - using vintage sheets and yes they are soft.... beautiful blog in every way....