Friday, October 22, 2010

A Sweet Haunted House

We made this fun little haunted house the other day.  My mom saw something similar from Women's Day and we came up with our own version.
We used a pound cake, chocolate frosting, candy corn and M & M's, gel, and marshmallows (sp?).  The bakery at our local grocery sold us the plastic rings for $1.  They are the kind they use in the bakery to put on cupcakes.
It was a fun project.
You don't really think I could leave it out as a centerpiece, do you?  :)  It would be gobbled up before I could even leave the room! :)
Have a great weekend!


Appleshoe said...

Oh this is such a fun cake! I'm inspired to run out and make one today... Can I decorate gluten free banana bread or is that weird? I read your last post as well. I've not been blogging much either; fall is a time to snuggle with loved ones. Take care.

Isabel said...

What a fun idea!!! and Yummy too:O)