Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 8-Gratitude

I'm grateful for work.
Work being making things for other people.
 I love that people ask me to make things for them.  What a pleasure...
I am grateful that I can stay at home to be here with and for my kids, and still make a little money on the side.
Makes me feel very blessed.


sara said...

So great that you get to create things that people love!

I finally posted about the book- I love the book :)

Bold In The Soul said...

Today I am grateful for healing!!! YIPPIE!! I just had lunch with my dear friend Ralph, he's a young 75 years old and lives with lung cancer. 3 years ago the dr said he had 6 months.....
Man it brings so much joy to my heart to spend time with him!! He is a living, breathing, walking miracle!! Fiesty old dude and full of spunk! I love him so!!