Monday, January 31, 2011

Around the House this Weekend

I'm probably the last person with an iphone to learn about the hipstomatic app.
If you have an iphone, pay the 99 cents for it.
It makes me look at everything in a whole new light!

Have a lovely Monday friends!



Melissa said...

i have very happily stumbles upon your blog...

love your photos *around your house* for a life made lovely...

i must admit i only found this app for my i-phone a week ago...and LOVE it!!

i adore your globes- you really can't have too many can you!!

melissa ....x

Valley Girl said...

Don't feel bad about the apps and the iPhone business...I don't even have an iPhone!!! I'm still pretty happen'n with a computer sitting on my lap versus plugged into a wall and the size of a small TV!! it...hate it!

Okay, so the exact same toaster lives over here at my house too...however that AWESOME cupcake cookie jar does NOT live over here. That is the BEST! What a little bit of sweetness sitting on the kitchen counter every day.

Looks like it was a lovely weekend at your place, just lovely!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

your house looks so happy!! i LOVE that paper banner. it reminds me that i still need to make one. :)

Bold In The Soul said...

I meant to tell you I am SOOOO into rainbows right now too!! .....and donuts, love me some donuts!!

sara said...

Beautiful :) :)

Tammy said...

Love you work! It's so inspiring!