Friday, March 4, 2011

5 very random facts...

Today is the last day on my trip.  During the evenings I've been working on a series of new paintings/prints and I can't wait to start sharing them with you when I get home!  So I thought I'd share 5 little random facts about me today just for fun.

1.  I love quarters.  Ever since I was a little girl I have associated quarters with wealth and luck.  I am not sure exactly where the strong connotation came from.  I have a memory of when I was 8 years old at Disney.  We were on the "It's a Small World" ride, and I saw thousands of quarters where people had thrown them in the water under the boat.  I couldn't stop thinking about them...about how many were there and how much money it must be!  When I was 10 I went on a cruise with my dad and brother, and I snuck into the casino alone and played on a slot machine.  I only had enough money to play once, but I won $50 in quarters on the first try.  I poured them all into my dress and ran to our cabin.  I dumped them onto the bed and felt like I had won $1,000,000.  (BTW, I have no idea how I got away with that.)
Anyway, to this day, I will dreams of quarters sometimes, like I find piles and piles of them.  Ok, have I wierded you out? ha:)

2.  This is my box of journals.  I started keeping one  in 7th grade, and kept one until Logan was about three years old.  They are filled with poems and quotes, my dreams and disappointments.  I don't know how long I will hold onto them, but for now they live in my closet.  Every couple of years I bring them down and rifle through them, and marvel at how much one person can change in a lifetime.

3.  In my early twenties, I was a pseudo hippie and lived in Portland, Oregon for about three years.  I can't believe I'm showing you these pictures.  I had dreadlocks first, and then a shaved head.  Yes, this is a true story.  Oh, and in the picture where I am practically bald, I am showing off my glass pendants.  I learned how to blow a little glass from a very good friend and I survived for over a year selling them.

4.  I have an insatiable desire to chew on ice.  I buy the pellet ice from Sonic.  I started eating it when I was pregnant with Ava, and I asked my doctor about it.  He tested my iron immediately and found out that I was really anemic.  I'm not anemic anymore, but I still chew on ice.  Terrible habit, I know!

5.  I have no picture for this (believe me, you don't want one), but I only have one ovary.  I had to have one of them removed about eight years ago due to endometriosis.  Yes, I have had three children with only one ovary.  I guess the one left works really well! :)

Now, you have to tell me a random fact about you!  Come on, make me laugh!
Have a great weekend.
I can't wait to show you the things I've been working on!

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Erin Lee Ware said...

I'm afraid of the ocean. The few times I've visited the seashore, I've gotten stung by a jellyfish, held underwater by the waves, and one time I lost the top half of my bikini--the water was so freezing cold that my body had numbed, so I didn't realize I was topless until I was walking back to my towel with a trillion beach-folk staring! :-/