Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1st

April is my favorite month.  Two of my kids were born in April, and Easter is my favorite holiday.
Although I don't love April Fool' tricks for me please...I still LOVE April!

Here is my new scripture print for the week...although it is not scripture, it is a wonderful quote!
The original is shown, but I have it at the printers now and I will pick them up this afternoon.
(I will update later when I get the scan back)

I made a couple of chalkboards too for you...They are both 11 x 14.  They were super hard to photograph, but I promise they are much cuter in person :)

Flower Bouquet Chalkboard available here:

Pennant chalkboard available here:

Thank you for your patience this week while I shop talked.  I promise back to life next week, with product updates thrown in here and there ;)  My mind is abuzz right now with new ideas and things to make, but I have to balance it out with real life, right?

Big Birthday Party tomorrow for my 5 year old baby girl...sob...why do they just keep growing on me?!

Have a blessed weekend friends!


Teresa aka Tess said...

I love the month of April too. Both my sister and I have April birthdays as well as 1 of her daughters and a couple of our Aunts. Easter is always my sign that summ er is finally almost here. Love the pics you posted today. Sweet!

Jill said...

OH my word!!!! LOOOOVE the quote about "being THAT kind of woman!!!
and the chalkboards...*swoon*!
Happy weekend!

Ruth said...

These are great. Love the chalkboards.

Good luck with your birthday party.


Unknown said...

Oh I just love that sign and yes they do keep on growing. I have just realised my daughter hits 30 this year oh dear that does make me feel old....
Take care, keep safe, be happy
Beverley xx

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

Oh my goodness you new pennant items knock my socks off... Love everything!

Anonymous said...

Oh Chrissie,
You just made my day with that quote!!I LOVE this :)