Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ok, so my hair is pretty long.
When it's hanging in the back, it's past my shoulder blades.
After my third pregnancy, it got thicker, darker, and sort of wavy, but only sort of wavy in the back.
I had it short for a few years, and grew it out for Hubby, who loves it long.
I think about highlighting it sometimes, but the thought of the upkeep and cost overwhelms me.
...and in the Florida heat, most days I wear it in a ponytail or bun.

So I've been keeping a file in my pinterst boards for long hairstyles to try. 
Here are a few of my favorite ones.

So this is the one I tried first.  It was super easy.  I actually did it as soon as I got out of the shower, when it was wet.  While I was getting ready, I thought, wow, it actually looks pretty good!

And then I asked Ava to take a picture of me and I couldn't stop laughing. 
I look like I'm trying to dress up like Frida Kahlo for Halloween or something.
ha ha...Have you ever heard of this quote?

Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can.

                                                    - Elsa Maxwell

 Ok, maybe this is more like it?

So this one didn't look very good.
I'll let you know if any of the others one work.  :)

Do you cut your hair shorter in the summer?
If I was really brave I would go super short and super blond...maybe one day!



Crystal said...

your eyebrows are no where near uni enough to be kahlo. :) but picnik could fix that. :)

Bold In The Soul said...

ok so i thought for a little while that the first pic was of you......thinking..."Dang Chris, you've some thick grey growing in on the underside of your hair!"....i was totally giggling (with you, not at you)....then i realized it wasn't you and saw the picture of you.....and i started giggling all over again! :)

Bold In The Soul said...

ha ha look like the "person" that helps adam sandler at the aquarium in 50 first dates!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha......i may have just peed a little!!!

meg duerksen said...

that is funny.

i miss my long hair but then at the same time....i don't.
i like my short hair but know that my husband would love the long hair again. too bad for him i guess.

April said...

that made me laugh out loud....but your hair does look cute!

Jill said...

You look beautiful, and from seeing other posts when you put your daughter's photo up, you look so much like your daughter! I think your hair looks nice, this is a good style for hot days! I'll bet the first style, the three braids and three buns will look really nice. =)

Erin said...

I am searching for good long hairstyles too! I live in Texas and the heat is crazy. I wear a pony tail almost daily. My word to the wise, don't cut it short in the summer, because you have to get it trimmed often to keep it from sticking to your neck.

Angela Nash said...

hehehehehe - but also totally jealous that you could do that and have it look so even and neat. I never was good at fancy braids.

In the last month I've gone from below the shoulders to chin-length and am loving it for the summer. Plus, my husband says I look younger - hurray :)

Christi said...

I so want to try those braids. My hair is really thick and wavy and right now it's down past my waist. Those would be perfect for summer.

I think you did a great job on the braid. :)

Appleshoe said...

LOL, You are to hard on yourself. Actualy before the photoshopped "eyebrows" I thought it looked quite lovely. Thanks for the links. I also have longish hair and am constantly on the search for something new to do with it. Take care.

Ruth said...

I have cut my hair very short a few times but I always grow it out because I like it better. I love those braids and would like to give them a try, too. I think it looked good on you. You were too hard on yourself.


Isabel said...

I Love the new doo:O) I used to wear my hair that way way back in the day:O) I have long hair too and debating wheter to cut or leave in a ponytail:O)