Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Super Duper Quick Make-over

It started when I went to throw this in the recycling bin. 
I wanted something to store pillow labels in and so I did a super quick (under 10 minute) make-over.

I wrapped a piece of scrapbooking paper around it and used a glue stick to stick the end down.
I covered the top with a scrap of fabric using hot glue.

I printed the doily off of public clip-art and attached it using a tiny clothespin to some twine I wrapped around the jar a few times.

At the last minute I remembered I had a few posies laying around and hot-glued it to the top.

Quick and easy :)



stephanie said...

I'm always saving empty jars but they usually just end up in the cupboard. You have inspired me to put them to good use and make them pretty!! Thanks!!

Angie Mae said...

Super creative! Gives me an idea of what to do with all my empty baby food jars I feel guilty about throwing away. Now to think of what to put in them! Great idea, thanks for sharing!

April said...

that looks awesome!!! what a great was to recycle!!!! I will try this...