Thursday, July 28, 2011

Scrappy Rainbow Quilt-a-long: Week 2

Are you ready to start making your scrappy rainbow blocks?
Depending on the size of your scraps, it can get a tad bit tedious if they are super small.
I like that kind of work.  It's so satisfying to me to use up all my scraps ;)
I suggest before working to set up your ironing board, cutting station, and sewing machine as close together as possible...

1.  Start with  a few scraps that are about the same size.  Sew them together using a 1/4" seam.

2.  I like to sew my seams open, because it will cut down on the bulkiness of your block.

3.  Trim it all the way around so it is nice and even.

4.  Find your next scrap that is about the same size and then sew it onto your first pieces.

5.  Iron and trim like before.  Continue with another set of scraps.

6.  You will continue with this process until your whole block is complete.  I lay it out on my cutting matte so I can see how close I'm getting to 12" x 12".  There is no right or wrong way to lay the scraps.  Each block will be completely and totally different.  Mine are not straight and perfect at all.  I love them wonky!

7.  Once you have sewn everything together, trim the final block 12" x 12".  Press really well.

This one is in the blue and turquoise color group.
Now make one in each color group.
Meet me back here next week with five complete blocks if you can.
  If you get really ambitious, of course you can keep going.
 Remember you are making six blocks in each color group:
oranges, yellows
blues, turquoise
purple, lavenders

You will have 30 total.

Have fun and if you have any questions I will answer them in the comments :)


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sarah said...

if only i had a sewing machine!! someday, when I do, I will come back and fund this post to do this precious quilting!!! :)