Monday, July 18, 2011

State capitals

I have a confession that I am not very proud of.
I do not know all of our state capitals.  :(  How did that happen? 
I'm sure at some point along the way I learned them, but I have forgotten most of them.
Isn't that terrible?
Maybe I'm not the only one... (yes, please tell me I'm not!)

If you are from the US, do you know them all? 
I realized this summer that Logan left elementary school without learning them.
We put it on our summer fun list to learn them all.

It's not going so well...but I am determined to do it with them!
I plan on purchasing one of the embroidery projects above, probably the second one shown.  Both are available from this etsy shop.
I figure if I spend a year of my life embroidering all of them,  I will remember them!  haha

But I need suggestions on a (fun) way to help the kids learn them.
Any suggestions?  I would surely appreciate it :)



Pokey said...

Don't feel too bad, we store away information that's not needed for every day life, and if we don't use the info, we can easily forget it.In my school, there is a 5th grade competition to be able to write the states/capitals, complete with school wide recognition and trophy, that makes an impression!
My third grade teacher friend would aide in the information getting memorized by using the "We Sing" cd, and believe me, as irritating as the song can get to be, it works! Challenge your kids to learn them before you, or introduce it to VBS or a kids Sunday School class, it is always more fun if done with someone. Next up, memorizing Presidents - !


Pokey said...

p.s. I think those embroidery pictures would be fun to color, too!

sara said...

Oh no! I sure don't know them:) I got the placemats for our kids that show a map of US and state capitols and my oldest seems to know almost all Of them from using the placemat at meals.

Salinda said...

I love those patterns! The link to the etsy shop doesn't work though.

Erin said...

Check this out if you want to learn them.

If you remember the Animaniacs, they have a song for it. It's awesome!

Dena said...

I don't remember them either like I should.
We enjoy playing the games
The Scrambled States of America Game and Sequence States and Capitals game with our kids to practice. (Both are available on amazon.)

Emily said...

Ha! I def don't know all of them either!

Anonymous said...

When I homeschooled, my children learned the countries of the world, all the states and everything else I could find on CD! You never forget what you sing. It was amazing to watch my youngest sing the 57 countries of Africa. She went on to be a high school choral teacher. Try this one:

Claire said...

What a great summer project!


Desiree said...

I have always been good at remembering things like this.... so I can't really help you much. I am sure that the embroidery will help you remember. :)

mollie's mom said...

Google singing rhymes of the state capitals. Something should pop up. My daughter learned the capitals of the states and world capitals that way. Also, punctuatuion, etc. It works. I don't know where the teachers sourced all the tapes/cd's but google should do the trick or make up your own. We did that some as well. :)
Good luck.