Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Etsy Sale

Now that I'm finishing up all the Pillows for Davis, I have been able to start on lots of new items for the shop.
I'm so excited!  I've been dreaming up all kinds of new designs and I can't wait to share them with you!

I'm doing an end-of-the-summer sale in my etsy shop to make room for the new items coming...
Starting with this pillow cover; originally $45, now on sale for $37.50.
It's actually one of my favorite designs...;)

Next up, 8 x 10 prints are BOGO.
I just picked up a large order of prints today, so I thought I'd do a buy one, get one free (8 x 10) print sale.  I'll keep this offer open until Friday.

If you want two, just order one and leave me a note telling me which print you'd like for free.

You can find 8 x 10 prints here
I'm so excited to be creating new items again.  It makes me feel so alive!  Corny, I know, but true.


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