Friday, August 5, 2011


I'm in a blogging funk.  That's only to be expected, right?  I'm just not feeling the groove, but I know it will pass.

When we were at the beach, we had the rest of the tile and carpet in our living room/family room/kitchen ripped out and wood floors put in.  They came yesterday to put the baseboards up.  Now we have to put everything back.  True to form, I am re-arranging...again!  I am constantly trying to maximize the space in our house.  I love decorating and my tastes change a lot, so it's fun for me!

I am looking forward to a bloggy house tour sometime in the near future...

We only have nine more days until school starts.
I am relieved on one hand to get back to a routine, and to work uninterrupted again.
But I am sad too...where did the time go?  We had such a nice summer...

Are you wondering what in the world these pictures are?
They are a self-portrait I started, I don't know, two years ago?  I found it today while I was cleaning, purging, organizing (and moving) my art supplies.
My eyes are two different colors, but I surely exaggerated that in this painting.

Anyway, I have no intention of finishing it, so it went in the garbage today.
I am totally okay with getting rid of projects that I'm not going to use.
Sometimes it's all about the process, you know?

Have a super-duper wonderful weekend!
I'll be back on Monday to share how I'm doing on my scrappy rainbow blocks.



Jill said...

I can't believe you threw it away! You totally got me with that ending! I don't know what it was that I was expecting, but you really suprised me! Sending you restorative and restful thoughts and wishing you a renewed spirit and blogger heart. =)

Tara said...

I can totally relate! Have been on a bloggy funk myself lately. Must be the heat...
Been cleaning out and throwing away also.
have a great one...

Andrea said...

Thank you for sharing. You are not along at all, I've felt the same way ALL summer and I think it's because my efforts are on my girls. No time to do any projects and if I do they get interrupted. Hang in there and please know we all have been there too.
Have a great weekend. Can't wait to see your new beautiful floors!