Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Food for thought...

Ava painted this a couple of weeks ago.
She paints, colors, draws, and writes ALL.THE.TIME.

It makes me really, really happy to see her create things.
It makes me happy because we have something in common that is fun to do together.

But it really makes me happy because I have always prayed for passion for all of my children.

I have always prayed that they each find things in their life to be passionate about.

I don't care if it's baseball or ballet, fishing or piano, drawing or acting, sharing the gospel or cooking a good meal, reading or surfing, helping others or cleaning, I've always asked for guidance in helping my children find their passions in life.

Don't you think passion is what drives us every day?

Passion for God, passion for living, passion for new dreams?

I pray that you have passion in your life too :)



Leslie said...

Passion for God is amazing and I am so happy He loves me! :)
Wonderful paintings from your little one! My sonm, who now is 17 (almost 18) has a passion for running, BUT what is more beautiful is he has a passion for Christ also :) just tonight he invited a cross country runner/ friend, to our youth group at our church :)
thanks for your post!

Jill said...

i have always prayed the same for our children too!!- and it looks like your sweet girl is "like-mother-like-daughter!" :)
Happy day friend!
Many Blessings!

Nicky said...

Hello Chrissie, this is wonderful, what beautiful colours, and how she has used them. I loved looking at it. I really like what you said about praying for your children to have something they are passionate about - mine aren't born yet, but God knows them, and I am going to keep praying for them, and that they have something they are passionate about. Thank you for this suggestion.

I am passionate about telling stories in words and pictures - photographs. I just have to tell a story each day, whether in speech, or writing, or by taking a photo.

Thank you again for the beautiful work you sent me, it is an honour to have it in my home. Your 'I Believe' print inspired me so much when I was writing my book last month, first draft done!

Be blessed,