Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Heather from A La Mode Fabric

Ok, let's see if we can keep this straight!

Today was scheduled to be John's day on the blog hop, but Heather hijacked his blog and they did a swap!
So, we've got a swap inside of a swap and today I will tell you about Heather from A La Mode Fabric  :)

Heather is a super cool chick and uber talented modern quilter.
I learned almost everything I know about quilt swaps from her and Kerri, whom I refer to as the "Swapping Queens".

Heather is not ashamed of her is amazing and I would give a pinky finger to rummage through her stash and take a few things!~  ;)

She makes some amazing pillows...this one happens to be my favorite:

Heather has an eclectic style and she's not afraid to try new things.
Check this out; this one has qulted lyrics in it... the lyrics to Stone Temple Pilot's Interstate Love Song, which is her and her Hubs song.  I love that idea!

I absolutely love the colors in this one...those dragonflies are to die for!

Heather also has some great tutorials here and her extensive flickr site is here, where you will find a lot of swappy inspiration!! When I say a lot, I am not exaggerating here people!  It's like an encyclopedia for quilt swaps!  Head on over for tons of inspiration!

Have a great day!


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