Thursday, December 1, 2011

Current state of my studio

I've been telling you for months that I moved the house around (again) and I'm so happy with the results.
I've been wanting to take pictures to share with you but the truth is that I'm not happy with the photos.
We don't have a lot of natural light in the house, and I stink at taking lowlight inside photos.
But I finally decided to bite the bullet and show you what I've got :)
Starting with the current state of my studio.

It's actually located in the "dining room"...I'm blessed to have a husband who really doesn't mind that I take up a whole room right in the middle of the house!  It's actually much better for me to be here than in the back of the house in one of the bedrooms.  I'm sandwiched in between the kitchen and living room, so I'm near the kiddos all the time.  I love that!

This is my command center of sorts.  I'm still using my big ol' chalkboard for my weekly to-do list in the etsy shop.  Those black boxes house all my fabric, sorted by color.  They are overflowing!
after the hustle and bustle of Christmas I cannot wait to get in there and start playing with new ideas!

My brushes etc...This box needs to be organized!

I found this at Joann's and hung it on the wall...I love it because I was always losing my scissors!

This shelf desperately needs to be organized and "prettified".  It houses all my random supplies, but I want to come up with a better system. 

Ava recently decided to donate Olivia the artist because she didn't play with her anymore.  I took her as a mascot.  I love Olivia!  ;)

My inspiration board is tucked away behind the shelf.

The glass doors lead out to the pool.  I love my logo quilt and found a perfect spot for it above the doors.

My teensy eensy sewing desk that wants to be painted yellow.  Notice my spinach pizza I had for lunch?
I love that painting a lot.  I've had it for 10 can't see the details but it has a bunch of amazing affirmations painted in the background.  I might have to put it away for awhile though...I always notice Logan's friends giggling over the boobies...dang middle-school boys ;)

Oh!  I got this fabric stack in the mail yesterday.
It's a new line by Carol Van Zandt...It's by Andover fabrics.  It won't be shipping into the stores until January.
I'm especially partial to the blues and grays...I'm thinking of making some new bible bags with them.

Okay, my little studio tour is over.
I'm hoping for some thrifting luck soon to help me with some prettier organization.
wish me luck!  ;)



Cindy said...

What a cute and wonderful place to create your artwork!!

MaryAnnB said...

Hi, I just recently set up my sewing space in our grown and moved out daughters' bedroom and wish I could just use the living room to be out in the open and light of all the windows! I might just have to do that.. or at least set a table with the sewing machine in there... Might I suggest getting some of those photo boxes Michaels/ACMoore etc seem to always have in various patterns to organize your one shelf? I purchased ones from Ikea (because I wanted white!) and labled them with the various collections of 'things' I needed to organize. Hope that helps!

MaryAnnB said...

Oops, I meant shelving unit!! I think you know what I mean though :)

Christi said...

Love your space.