Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Year in Review

Wow, is all I can say.
2011 was a very fruitful year for me creatively.
I made a lot of stuff!
I re-opened my etsy shop last year to sell items that are faith-based, and I am proud of the success.
Here are some of my favorites from the year...;)

A LOT of pillows, A LOT of checkbooks, A LOT of color, A LOT of prints.
My new book was published and I went to The Creative Connection.
I did love it all:)

This year will be a little different though.
After much reflection, I realized that things for me got way out of balance.
I started skipping church because I was too busy with work.
I started skipping my time with God in the morning because I had too much work to do.
I stopped exercising all together because the work needed to be done.
I stopped saying yes to my kids and started saying no, because I needed to work.
I was making cereal, chicken nuggets, and frozen pizza too often for dinner because it was convenient.
I didn't carve out extra time for my precious husband, because I was always working!

So...although I am very grateful for the work this year, I burned out a couple of months ago.
I burned out bad.
I have since got back to the things I need to do to stay grounded and healthy and happy.
I'm back to church.
I'm back to my time in the morning.
I'm doing my yoga and walking again.
I'm spending more time keeping the house where I want it and making sure everyone is getting nutritious meals.
I'm concious about making sure my husband is not last on my list!
I NEED to do all of these things before work.
I love to work.  I love to create.  I love to share with others.  I love running my etsy shop.
But if it comes before God or family again I know I am doing something wrong.

My New Years Resolution this year is to simplify and balance.
Getting back to the basics.  Taking time to smell the flowers and not stressing...

My etsy shop will remain open!  :)  In fact, I am excited about the new things I'm making and will share soon.  But I am going to keep it my happy place, instead of a stressful place.  I will definitely still be doing custom orders, but I am going to be realistic and honest with myself, so if I need to cut back, I will.

I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!
To all my bloggy friends.  To all of you who read and take the time to leave me comments.
To those of you who buy my art.  To those of you who have prayed for me.
This blogging gig has become so much more to me than an on-line journal of sorts.
I have you as well.  :)

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Happy New Year Friends!  I wish you many sweet blessings from the Lord as we enter the year with a clean slate.  See you soon!



Handbags*and*Pigtails said...

What a creative year indeed! So many of those things made me smile as I was reading your post. I still think my most favorite thing you made was your Quilted Boutique amazing!!!
I fully understand the backing off thing because Ive been there myself. That balance thing can be so hard to get right:)
Happy New Year!!!

Leslie said...

God is so good all the time, although sometimes he gives us something to realize what we really need! Been there and done that and sometimes it takes me 2 rounds of it to realize it!
I am happy I found your blog this year, you definetly have inspired me in many, many ways!

Isabel said...

Awesome year:O) Balancing all is hard but I know you can do it:O) Happy New Year!!!:O)

amy jupin said...

chrissie, you have blessed our family in so many ways this year! we will never forget that, ever. you had an awesome year, so full of love and service. hope you know just how much we love ya!! happy new year!

Crooked Feather Studio said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! Best wishes for your 2012.

Heather D. said...

Chrissie, what a wonderful post. You have done some beautiful work, but nothing more important than making sure life is balanced with the most important things in the top spots. Thanks for sharing so honestly!

I was the winner of your sew to swap book and the mini bicycle quilt, which I received today when we returned from our Christmas away, so thank you thank you thank you. I love it and can't wait to sit down with the book!

Desiree said...

It is so important to put God first. Way to recognize your habits and plan for change!

Erin Butson said...

Wow, what a year. I love this post. i feel the same. i get out of balance and neglect my family and start to wonder, why are others able to do this & I'm not?!? what's wrong with me? and why is it so hard to let things go? love your heart in this post. xo, e

Ruth said...

Ou certainly have been busy. It is hard to keep things balanced. God will honor your heart, keep looking to Him.
Happy new year!!

HeARTworks said...

Lovely blog! I looked for you after reading your book. A wonderfully blessed and balanced new year to you and your family! Patsy from