Monday, April 30, 2012


Turning twelve is bittersweet for this Momma.

How in the world did my baby turn twelve?  Why does it go so fast?  And yet...thank you God for twelve years.  Thank you for this child who makes us laugh, who drives us crazy, who has started with the typical "teenager"moodiness.  Thank you for his work ethic, for his generousity, for him still needing hugs and kisses.  Thank you for his passion, whether it is baseball, fishing, basketball, or surfing...Thank you Lord for these twelve years.

I so look forward to the man he is becoming.
Happy Birthday Logan, who first made me a mother.  My love for you runs deeper than the sea.


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Nicole said...

mmkay. what a little heart-throb. he's such a doll. :)

thinking about how fast little people grow up already makes me sad. . . and i don't even have a baby yet. i can't wait though.

happy thursday friend!