Thursday, August 30, 2012

Plaque Tutorial

I did a fun little project that is very easy and I thought I'd share the tutorial with you.
All you need are scraps of paper, a piece of wood (or canvas), some mod podge, and some paint.

I grabbed a piece of scrap wood and pulled out my scrapbooking papers.  I save all the leftover pieces.
I cut them in strips and just glued them on vertically using mod podge.
You could use any shape of paper, any size, and glue them any way you want.
Slightly overlap them and then do another coat of mod podge on top.

I used a brayer to push out any air bubbles.  You could also just use your finger or an old credit card.

Here it is with all the paper glued down.  I let it dry for about an hour.

For the next step I printed out my letters from the computer, cut them out, and traced them onto the board with a pencil.
You could always draw your own letters if you'd like.

After tracing your letters, paint around each one with white acrylic paint.
You could use any color you want, but white really makes the colors pop.
Paint the edges too for a unified look and you're done!
I wouldn't actually put this outside unless you give a good coat of sealer.
I love this project because it's quick and easy and there are so many possibilities!  :)



Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

I love doing things like this! So, so pretty, Chrissie! :)

Emily said...

Love this! Do you think I could do this using fabric?

Emily said...

Love this! Do you think I could do this using fabric?

Unknown said...

I just started following your blog - love this idea - full of possibilities. thanks for sharing.

Krista said...

Adorable! Love "simplify", it is our family mantra lately. Thanks for sharing this!