Monday, August 20, 2012

Some things I'm loving right now

Some things I'm currently crushing over right now:

I found this image on pinterest but the original link is here.
Totally where I want my head space to be.
Especially in regards to the kids.
I want their childhoods to be about the memories, not the things we bought them.
love it

This movie.
It was so sweet.
And innocent.
Just a feel-good type of movie.
The kids loved it and there was nothing inappropriate.

This book.
When I finished reading it I was sad.
I felt like I lost my best friend.
She has a way of making you fall in love with God all over again.
I love everything she writes.

I fell in love with it and bought it for myself.

All of her on my ipad and the pandora station too.

And this blog.  She is so creative, so inspirational, so colorful.

Now I'm off to paint my mural :)

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