Thursday, September 13, 2012

The time has come...

I'm closing shop.
And the beloved blog.

I started this blog almost four years ago and it has been such an amazing blessing and journey.
What a gift to have this visual journal that I will be printing to have forever and always.
What growth and gifts I have found, what friends I have made, what support I have received.
But, I'm moving on to something new.

I have felt the shift coming for awhile.
While I was painting the mural I felt a creative urge that was new to me.
I realized I was sort of stuck in the artistic situation I am currently in.

I'm ready to move on to something new.
No, I am not exactly sure what that is.
I want to paint.
I want to paint big.
I want to paint in the glory of God's name.
...I'm not sure if I'll be starting a new blog and/or etsy shop eventually, or what that means exactly.
But we will see!  :)

So guess what?
My shop and blog will remain on-line and open for two more weeks before I close them down.
That means everything in my shop is on sale.
Yes, everything.
If you want a custom name pillow, now is the time to order.
All prints, all wood pieces, all pillows and checkbook covers etc...
Everything is 20% with a $5 flat rate shipping fee.
Use this code:  CULATER
and I will refund you any extra shipping charges.

Thank you for all your support and friendship these last few years.
You can still find me updating my instagram regularly @chrissiegrace,
and my Facebook page will be updated regularly as I move into the next phase.

Hugs and kisses and may God bless you... :)



Unknown said...

Best wishes, Chrissie! I loved your mural, and I can't wait to see how God plans to use you next!

Adrienne said...

We will miss you around here! Wish you lots of blessings ahead! Adrienne

Erin said...

I wish you the best! I hope to see some big pieces from you and you blog those, even if it's just twice a year. Your mural is amazing and I am so close to talking my hubby into letting me do a mural in our house because of how great yours turned out.

Artsy Matilda said...

Spread those beautiful wings of your, Chrissie! And soar with grace and blessings. Quench your heart and soul's desires. We will be waving to you as you fly by. And we'll be keeping our eyes on you and your next amazing step. God Bless. And thank you for your consistent love and support. xoxo

Painting 4 Him said...

Chrissie, I have been following your blog for a long time. You are on my favorites-that I check on often. You will be missed. I love all of your art work, the verses and how your use of scripture moves me! Thank you for using your gift for His glory. May your next adventures be just as glorifying. Blessings, Victoria

Christi said...

I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you. :)

Lindsay - Pen and Paint said...

Lots of love and hugs. Praying for lots of good things for you!

amy jupin said...

mrs. chrissie, i am beyond excited to see where this all takes you. please, please, pretty please, keep in touch! i'm still thinking we should meet. i'm pretty sure you deserve a hug or a hundred from me! xoxo!

Jo's Corner said...

I just found your shop and blog today and i want to yell: "No! Don't Go!" Like a little girl. Your art is so lovely and it speaks to the deepest core of my soul. I love love love the print from 2 Kings 20:5! Did you know, when you made it, that you were making it for Me? I put it in my cart and I'm gonna go buy it. I need to hang it right beside my bed, so I can see it everyday. I have terminal cancer, although "they" told me that 3 years ago, but THE Great Physician is not "done" with me yet.
I hope and will secretly pray that you will continue to blog. I only just "met" you today and I love your sweet, sweet spirit.
Big Hugs from Minn.! ~ Jo

Kellie said...

Oh, wow! :-( Your blog is the first blog I ever followed &, as you know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your artwork. I'm thankful that your work decorates my home. Excited to see your updates on facebook to see what amazing things the future has in store!

Aletta said...

Chrissie, what a big step! I wish you all the best for the future, but will miss you in blogland. God bless you!

MaryAnnB said...

Found your blog last spring and enjoyed reading about your life and love your creations. You make me smile and remember the blessings the Lord gives us. I will keep a look out for your return and find you on facebook and instagram.
God Bless you and your family, and thank you for sharing with us!

Appleshoe said...

Good Bye Chrissie. It's been a joy to follow you and see what you are up to. Wishing you the best. I have not done my announcement yet, but I know you've stopped in once in a while and know of our desire to have a child of our own. Well... THIS ONE is a sticker! We are out of the tricky part. Thank you for your encouragement along the way. Have a blessed day.