Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You are Beautiful and Brilliant

A few years ago I had a series of art that I called the "She Series".
This year I wanted to update the series and I 'm doing different things with the original quotes I had written.
This one originally said:  "She told herself she was beautiful and brilliant and one day she woke up and finally believed it."

I shortened it to say "You are beautiful and brilliant".
It is going to be a regular feature on my new web site (when it launches).
We will be hearing stories of how people found their authentic selves.  Stories of how people survived trials and heartaches.  Stories of how we are all beautiful and brilliant.  Stories to celebrate the uniqueness of us all.

 Each and every etsy order now through March 31st will receive a "You are beautiful and brilliant" print for FREE!  I invite you to take a picture of yourself with your print and share your story with me.  I will share different stories that will help inspire others.  Or you can just keep it for yourself.  Or you can gift to someone that you think may need it!  :)

I'm excited about this little dream that God planted in my heart.  My prayer is that is provides comfort, friendship, inspiration, and peace for those who choose to be involved.



Bold In The Soul said...

Hey Chris, did you know that YOU are beautiful AND brilliant?
Did I ever send you my addy for one of those? I'll just have to order some new stuff so I can get one from ya! Wink, wink.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. It's a series of pep talks that everyone needs every day!