Friday, February 1, 2013

Another week in photos

It's a busy time of the year for me.
In addition to every day life with family and work, I'm in charge of two different student art shows, and working on the mural at Habitat for Humanity.  I am not complaining (although I did bite off a little more than I could chew), but I am considering it a busy season and will take time for rest after everything is complete.

My week in review:

My little sidekick learned to sew.
He can't reach the peddle so he puts it on the chair and uses his knee.

We spent the weekend at Disney World.
The Main Street Electrical Parade is still my favorite.

Love this crew!   :)
(Ava was sad because she didn't like the safari ride!)

When I was in high school I wanted a VW van so bad!!

 So cool to watch this happening...

Almost done with a 30 x 40 custom dog painting.  I've had so much fun painting it.
I'll be sure to share the finished result!

I've made the "Tree of Life" pillow many times, but I think this one is my favorite so far :)

My life in a nutshell:  balancing chores with creative time.  I'm always trying to balance.

I hope y'all have a blessed weekend.
I'm looking forward to a little downtime! :)


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Unknown said...

I love that pillow, beautiful! I can't wait to see the Habitat mural. Good luck with all the things you are juggling. :)