Sunday, March 3, 2013

You are Beautiful and Brilliant

I've partnered up with women who have a story to tell.
These women are ready to be authentic with themselves.
Their stories are shared to inspire and encourage you.
To help you validate the truth that we all know deep down in our hearts.
Sometimes we get so bogged down by our insecurities.
By our hurts.
By things that have happened to us, or choices that we've made.
No matter what you look like, or what you have or have not done, no matter the color of your skin, the size of your bottom, no matter where you were born or how you were raised, God wants you to know this:

Please welcome Angie and her story:


These girls of mine are growing up right before my very eyes.  In just a few short weeks they'll be turning 11.  They're half way done with 5th grade and then it's onto middle school next year.  There are times when I catch myself looking at them and think, Who are these big kids?  How are they so tall?  When did they grow so opinionated?  I am the mother of small children.  These BIG kids can't possibly be mine.  But, you see, I am not the mother of small children.  These tweens are mine.  

And as they grow, I have this urge to hold them close and stroke their hair and whisper encouraging words in their ears.  Words that will burrow into their hearts and stay there forever.  Words that will become their truth.  Their anchor.  Their rock.  Words that will become their inner voice, words burned into their being.  Words that take shape and grow wings and fly about them, protecting them and keeping them safe.  Safe from self doubt (it will surely come one day), safe from the chains of society, safe from the buzz that surrounds us and makes us feel unworthy, not good enough, unloved.

I worry everyday for my girls.  They're blued eyed with blond hair.  Identical twins.  They are gorgeous.  One is a dancer, a perfectionist, a scholar.  The other wants to spend her time crafting and creating -  crocheting, sewing, drawing.  She loves to laugh and make people laugh.  They both love big.  They wear their hearts on their sleeves.  They care – about themselves, each other, our family, our community.

I worry about raising them right.  That we are raising them right.  I worry about making them strong and confident,  so that one day, when the weight of the realization that their biological father signed papers to give them up, to let their Daddy adopt them, comes crashing down on them, they will know that he did it out of love.  That he gave them up because he loved them, not because they were unworthy, not good enough, unloved.  And that their Daddy adopted them because he loved them.  And that every decision in their lives was made out of love and nothing else.

I want them to always be able to look in the mirror and know that they are  strong and courageous.  Kind and loving and thoughtful and  amazing. That they are beautiful and brilliant.


Thank you Angie, for having the courage and generousity to share your story with us.
You can learn more about Angie here:
Instagram:  @ikeandco

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Unknown said...

Angie, thank you so much for sharing your sweet story here. Mine are 12 and 9 and I have no idea when that happened :)

You are loved!

Appleshoe said...

A beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. my son will be born next month and I already dread the coming tweens. I hear it happens when you blink, perhaps I'll have to learn to never shut my eyes :) be well.