Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Name Art

I made these last week for some twin girls who turned nine. The sisters look exactly alike but are as different as night and day. You can tell that by the colors they wanted me to use!
Devyn is a girly-girl...

And Hanna is into skulls and rocker stuff...

I used scrap wood, paint, decoupaged a 3-D star, a little mosaic, scrapbooking paper, and hung the back with hooks and wire. Great gifts for girls who are in the third grade-dontcha think?
On another note, we've had a little bit of a cold front here in Florida. My kids actually had to wear (gasp!) jackets this morning. On the way to Preschool this morning, my 2 year old said "Momma, is it Winter now?" and when I told her "yes", she said "I think it will snow tonite!" Hmmm, that would be close to a miracle!

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Danyele Easterhaus said...

i came over from whatever (meg d)...and i love these signs! great work! and i love that ur girls are all diff and all the same! cute!