Thursday, October 13, 2011


I looked at my blog "stats" last night...I kind of stumbled upon the link when I was doing something to the blog.
I may be the last blogger on the block to look at my stats page.  It is pretty interesting to see where all your traffic is coming from...what your most popular blog posts are...and what countries your "audience" lives in.

If I'm really smart I should keep close tabs on this...but I can see it easily becoming an obsessive habit, so I think I'll well enough alone for now. 

The original blogpost I did on these painted rocks a couple of years ago has been my second most popular blog post in my archives.  I also think(?)  it's probably my most "pinned" item on pinterest, and it's definitely the project I get the most emails about.

So, I thought I'd tell you exactly how I made them...
I bought the rocks in a bag from Lowe's...I don't what they were called but they are dark gray and very smooth.
I rinsed them all off and then laid them in the sun to dry.
I used regular craft acrylic paints...To paint the background sometimes I had to do two coats.
I didn't paint the whole rock, just the front.
After that dried, I decorated them with another color and design.  To get the polka dots I used the end of a q-tip.
The words were not done with a paint marker.  I free-handed them using a tiny brush.  You could use a paint marker though!
I never sealed mine, but I guess if I ever did them again I could spray them with a matte poly...but I prefer the natural feel of the rock.

I hope this answers all the questions.
Now I have one for you...
Do you keep tabs on your stats?  Do you do it because it helps you grow the "business" of your blog?  Or are you just interested to know?

And on a similar note, if you like the look of painted rocks, you would love Genine's.  They are basically genius.  :)




love these! so many possibilities! thanks for the repost ... :)

Pamela said...

Oh so adorable! I'd love to have a bowl on my hall table. Guests could take one with them when they left. Definitely a sheltering idea!

Isabel said...

Love this project, cute idea for stocking stuffers:O) I sometimes look at my stats but I also have a feedjet that tells me where people visit from. I like just seeing what parts of the country and U.S my visitors come from:O) Have an awesome day. Im from Texas:O)

Angela Nash said...

such a fun project for mom and kids!

I stumbled upon my stats just as you did one day. I look at them every so often for the fun of it - it is quite interesting which blogs lead others to your pages and the posts that people seem to like the best.

slapHappystudios said...

Love this idea...they turned out beautiful!!!