Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Middle-schooler

I was really worried about my oldest going to middle school.
I actually kind of love this age/stage.
His middle school Pre-IB program rocks.
Sometimes when I'm helping him with homework I feel like I'm back in school, except it's harder.

He's super silly...

He works sooooooooooo hard in school and in baseball. He loves to fish and watch Malcolm in the Middle (found on Netflix.)

He's funny, annoying sometimes, but funny.
Like really funny.  Make-you-pee-in-your-pants funny.

I love that he texts me on the bus.  That he tells me things.  That he asks me what things mean. 
I love that he has good friends that he hangs with.  Good kids.

I love that he loves God and is proud to be Christian.  I look forward to seeing how his relationship with God continues to develop.

I love that still comes into my room at night to tell me he loves me.

I'm proud of this kid of mine.  :)


Leslie said...

awww! such a great post! sons are so much fun to have and I am so grateful that God gave me one. I have a wonderful son too, his name is Zach, I couldn't be more proud of him! sounds like we are both blessed!

Bold In The Soul said...

i love me some logie!!

Emily said...

How do you feel about arranged marriages?! ;). Kidding! (kind of! :D)

Handbags*and*Pigtails said...

Hahaha...Im loving Emilys comment above:)
He sounds like a great kid!They can be hard to come by these days...parents are too busy to care about their kids many times and its heartbreaking.
Hubby & I are both teachers so we see alot of it firsthand.
Kudos to you for raising him to be a Godly young man:)