Friday, February 17, 2012

Etsy Shop Closing (for now)

I've been mulling this over for awhile now...and
It's time for me to close my etsy shop (at least for a long while)

I'm having a closing out sale.
Everything is 25% off.  When the 8 x 10 prints are sold out, they will be gone from the shop.
There are a few pillows, wood pieces, and checkbooks left as well.

I don't know exactly what new path I am heading on...
It's scary and exciting at the same time.
God has something else in store for may just be having more time to devote to my family, or it may be something else?  But I trust it is the right thing to do.  (I will still be blogging :)

Please use code 25SALE when you check out.

Oh, and have a blessed weekend!



Kristin said...

I went to go buy your rainbow print but the code is only giving 2% off instead of 25% off?

Adrienne said...

You is kind.... is mine! I love the bright happy message so much. So sorry to see you close your shop. Best of luck!

Leslie @ top of the page said...

going to check it out now!!

Jill said...

sorry to hear you are closing.

Artsy Matilda said...

I have no doubt that whatever is in store for you is fantastic and amazing! Like everyone else, I will miss being able to shop in your store! But I know your new calling is going to be awesome, and you have many blessings from Paul and I, and all the support you could ever need, as always! xoxo

Unknown said...

Someone else on a new path - thought it was just me.... it must be something in the air or perhaps because its Lent and the time for reflection. Enjoy whatever you decide to do.
Blessings and Love
Beverley xx

Christi said...

Good luck with everything. I hope your new path continues to include your beautiful art.