Friday, May 4, 2012


I HAD to share this with you.  I think it is my favorite picture of her...ever.I love it! 
It makes me happy :)

Anyone else reading this book?
Want to totally mess up your head and wonder what in the world you are doing?  Read it then.
I'll be back next time to talk more about it.  Right now my thoughts are too jumbled to decipher anything coherent...but I'm working on it.

May is the busiest month of the year for me.
I love it though.  Wrapping up the school year with lots of fun activities...I'm trying to enjoy every second of it.

Have a blessed weekend friends!



Unknown said...

That picture is great! Sums up your little artist perfectly! I have not read 7 yet, but it is on my list!

diplofam said...

Just ordered it! What great pictures of your daughter.

Charissa Steyn said...

no i haven't read it, but it sounds pretty challenging!!! gonna put it on my "wish list"

and that photo is beautiful!!

MaryAnnB said...

Hi, I went over to Amazon and read what they had for the 'peek inside this book' Ordered the book and now I am walking around the house going, okay, Seven, the perfect number to use to cut down on all that has just been clutter in my house and taking up my time, stressing me out, and leaving me less connected with the Lord.
As I then made my coffee, I looked around and thought what do I really use in our kitchen? In 2010 I lost over 100 lbs, hubby lost 60 last year, and we eat so simple and different. I can cut it all down, seven pots/pans, seven appliances, seven cook books (I have DOZENS!), seven oven-ware (I have glass, pottery, big, little...)someone else can have my excess! ONE set of dishes! (not three!)....
Then I'm thinking, coats, clothes items, blankets, towels... etc.. the list is endless.
I have been struggling with the task of simplifying and this has just been an eye opener! And it's a start...
I am always blessed reading your blog, thank you for continuing to share your life and thoughts...
PS LOVE the photo too!

MaryAnnB said...

More than half way thru the book... would love to chat about it... wow.
Definitely smacks one up side the head and say WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING with the resources the Lord blessed you with??