Friday, March 22, 2013

Instragam update (again)

I had the greatest intentions of posting regularly here on the ol' blog, but life keeps getting in the way.
Instagram has become my daily go-to, it's so easy to keep a small visual diary on there.
Hence my update in instagram photos (again)...

I've been working on this area above the piano for a couple of weeks now.
It all started when I found the piano painting for a mere $10...
I love it, my husband doesn't. 
Then I painted the lamp and lampshade. 
Then I painted the frames.
I'm still not done and my husband is still not convinced.

I made this over the week.
I'll be offering versions in the shop soon!


I painted this little guy too.
In the shop soon, too!

Juicing makes me nauseous and my blender was about to bite the dust.
After a 30% off coupon at Kohl's I bought this and couldn't be happier.
I use it every morning!
(Sorry about the picture, can't get it turned the right way?)

It's pillow time!
Lots of new babies being born, bedroom make-overs, and shower gifts have meant I get to make lots of pillows right now!  :)

I'm creating a series of paintings using my wood pallet scraps.
This one is already taken, but I'm hoping to have some new ones in my etsy shop soon.
Do you see the theme here?  Soon, I hope!
Oh, and her.
She has begun guitar lessons and I love it.
Ashton plays the guitar and Jackson has declared when he's six he will play the drums.
We will officially have a family band!  :)

Spring Break begins today for us!
I am so excited to have a week of fun with my family.
Here's to posting more regularly...:)



HeARTworks said...

How adorable is that name pillow! Great idea! Patsy from

Lora said...

i love that olivia pillow! and i also love the painting over your piano. gorgeous!

Isabel said...

I Love the piano painting and the sweet corner:O) Lovethe new paintings, and I wish I had Instagram that is part of a phone thing? I have a handy dandy Nokia:O)