Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quilting Week Five: Finishing Your Quilt Top

Hello friends! Sorry I'm late posting this...I've been having some major computer drama. I think my husband got my laptop issues resolved last night, while our home computer that got struck by lightening is still at the computer Dr.
Anyhoo... let's finish your quilt top!

Remember your two yards of fabric? It's time to cut it up.
Cut 6 (6 1/2" strips). Piece to make 2 (6 1/2" x 48 1/2") top and bottom borders and 2 (6 1/2" x 60 1/2") side borders.

Cut 8 (2 1/4"wide) strips for binding. Set these aside for later (they are for binding the quilt)

Cut out four hearts using your heart template (wow, my little template has seen better days!:)
Remember we are still 1/4" seam and pressing as we go. Add your side borders to the quilt. Below you see one pinned right before I sewed them on.
Here it is with the two side borders.
Make your four heart squares just like you made the other 80. Sew them to the ends of the top and bottom borders. Then sew your top and bottom borders onto the quilt top.
Your quilt top is finished!
Now for the actual quilting part. I know a lot of bloggers and quilters alike like to send out their quilt top to be quilted and bound. I am actually going to quilt mine myself. I've never actually done it, so this is a new venture for me.
What about you? Do you like to send out your quilts, or quilt them yourself?
Let me know how things are going...
I know some of you are interested in starting from the beginning. Go here if you want to start this quilt from the beginning.
Next Wednesday...Week Six: Quilt backing, batting, and quilt top


Bailey said...

Good luck with quilting yourself! I'm very interested to see how it turns out. I recently started my very first quilt that I want to quilt myself. Now I just need to get my machine fixed because shortly after starting, it broke - AHHHH!

Paul and Cheri said...

Made a quilt entirely by hand once for my beautiful daughter. It took a long time - and then some, but the satisfaction of presenting her with such a gift for her 6th birthday was so wonderful. She's now in her 30s and still has that quilt. But it was not as fun as making hearts! What a great idea. Your quilt looks great (just darlin', as we say in the south) and now I guess I'll have to make my 2nd ever quilt! (this time with the help of a machine!) Thanks for the constant inspiration, Chrissie! xoxo

Salinda said...

I haven't been making your quilt, but I have recently finished my own first quilt top. My mom and aunt have set me up to quilt it myself. I'm machine quilting mine with an all-over stipple. Are you going to do an all-over design, or will you follow the outlines of your hearts. I learned yesterday that "stitch-in-the-ditch" is a relatively new technique (since the 70s) as opposed to quilting about 1/4 inch from the seams which dates back much, much further. Just a little trivia...

Quiltpiecer said...

Hi ~ I sewed the rows together and today I finally put on the borders and corner squares, yea! So if you want to see how it came out, please come by for a visit ... I added a post today! I really like the way it's coming along ... look forward to the next step ... can't wait to see it finished!

Anonymous said...

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