Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Give us this day our daily bread...

I've always had this romantic/housewife notion of making fresh bread for my family. Real bread. Served to them nice and warm...:) So when I found this bread machine at a garage sale last year (gulp, has it been that long?) I traded over a $10 bill for it.
It came with a bunch of cookbooks (five, I think), and lots of hand-written recipes. Someone used this machine a lot.
But it still works really well! Four hours after mixing minimal (and all-natural ) ingredients together, I had a small loaf of white bread. I started with the most basic recipe I could find.
I laid it on the kitchen table for the kids so they could smell the freshness when they woke up in the morning. However, someone got to it before I could slice it up.
Next up...something sweet. Perhaps cinnamon bread!
And now I can cross off #9.
Speaking of food, you have to try this recipe. It is delicious and perfect for a cold evening. By the way, have you heard that it's been freezing here in Florida? Literally, freezing. So I am cooking lots of hearty warm meals. This one is delicious.
We omitted the black olives due to some pickiness, and served it with yellow rice. Almost the whole pan was gone after dinner.
Stay warm on this Tuesday Friends. I'm off to do a little sewing!:)


Tara said...

Bread is my weakness! Looks yummy. Gonna check out that recipe too. I have heard that Florida has been very cold. We are finally having a really pretty day here in Texas today. I on the other hand am home with a stomach bug! UGH! Hop on over to my blog, I am helping all you gals warm up a bit on these cold days.

Jill said...

oooh! now I'm hungry! :)
Thanks for sharing the recipe- I know what we will be having for dinner!

Doda said...

Yummy, and yey to the bread machine. I love mine - which reminds me- must go put a loaf on.
I always do mine on the dough cycle and then bake in the oven so I can have a regular loaf shape without a hole in the bottom! :-)

luci said...

woo hoo you made bread. i love my breadmaker. i have a yummy chocolate bread recipe.... tempted?
let me know if you are!

Sara - The Football Wife said...

Mmmm... carbo-licious! My toddler would do the EXACT same thing, too!